Easy and Powerful Blockchain data store for everyone

A public data store for metadata, blogs, NFTs and much more with native cryptocurrency.

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Why Kevacoin?

Simple & Reliable Blockchain Data Store

Ready for enterprise and public sector use, significantly reduce database maintenance cost.

Blockchain on Mobile Phones

Instantly create metadata, NFTs, blogs & websites from your mobile devices.

Mining for Everyone

Mine Kevacoin with your CPU and be a part of it.

For Everyone

Super easy mobile app

Keva mobile app is all you need. Send and receive KVA and manage your metadata, NFTs and other content. Download it today!

Create your own digital tokens

Birthday wishes? Milestones in life? A creative artist? Post a message or a digital artwork, it is invaluable and easier to transfer. Oh and did we mention that no coding is required?

For Developers

On-chain data, off-chain application logic

A simple solution to a critical and fast growing sector, especially suitable to NFT and Metaverse metadata.

Fundamentally underpinning the decentralized web

Need a single source of truth to coordinate a federation of social network instances? Prefer a public identity without registration everywhere? Kevacoin is all of the above. Open source and community driven.




Total Supply




Developer Fee


PoW Algorithm


Block Reward

500, halved every 4 years

Block Time

2 Minutes

Difficulty Adjustment

DigiShield, every block



Block Weight

6,000,000 Weight Units

Maximal Key Size

255 Bytes

Maximal Number of Keys

No hard limit

Maximal Value Size

3072 Bytes


Kevacoin is an open source project with web3 decentralized core values. A community driven project that invites everyone to make Kevacoin better!


The latest release is v0.16.8.0 Release notes