Powerful blockchain data store, easy and useful

A public key-value store and cryptocurrency, for developers and everyone else.

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Why Kevacoin?

Simple & Reliable Blockchain Data Store

Ready for enterprise and public sector use, significantly reduce database maintenance cost.

Blockchain on Mobile Phones

Create blogs, websites and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Keva blockchain from your mobile devices.

Mining for Everyone

Using CPU friendly RandomKeva hash algorithm, it is good for decentralization and your electric bill.

For Everyone

Super easy mobile app

Keva mobile apps provides everything you need to manage your cryptocurrency and digital assets. It is super easy to use, download it today!

Create your own digital tokens

Birthday wishes? Milestones in life? A creative artist? Post a message or a digital artwork, it is invaluable and easier to transfer. Oh and did we mention that no coding is required?

For Developers

On-chain data, off-chain application logic

It is never so easy to develop a dApp! Use your favorite programming language, easy to deploy, easy to update. The data stays on blockchain, truely decentralized.

The glue of the decentralized web

Need a single source of truth to coordinate a federation of social network instances? Prefer a public identity without registration everywhere? Use Kevacoin blockchain key-value data store, it is not owned by any big companies.




Total Supply




Developer Fee


PoW Algorithm


Block Reward

500, halved every 4 years

Block Time

2 Minutes

Difficulty Adjustment

DigiShield, every block



Block Weight

6,000,000 Weight Units

Maximal Key Size

255 Bytes

Maximal Number of Keys

No hard limit

Maximal Value Size

3072 Bytes


Kevacoin is an open source project and it is not funded by any companies or foundations. It is a community-driven project and you are invited to make Kevacoin better!


The latest release is v0.16.8.0 Release notes