Moving Our Blogs to Keva Blockchain

March 19 2021


Kevacoin Official Blog on Blockchain

In the spirit of eating our own dog food, we are moving our official blogs to the Kevacoin blockchain. Rest assured that it is easier than ever to read and comment on our blogs (or anyone’s blogs) on Keva blockchain.

If you just want to take a quick look, simply go to and enter the code “5570511”. A big thank to our community member YESRVN for maintaining this nice website for all of us.

If you would like to go further, for example, to comment, share or reward our blogs, simply download the Kevacoin mobile app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store. On the “Content” tab, choose “Following”, and enter “5570511”.

Creating your own blogs on Kevacoin blockchain is super easy. You can do that on the “Me” section of the “Content” tab. You will need a very small amount of Kevacoin to do so, as it requires a transaction on the blockchain. If you have difficulty getting Kevacoin, please feel free to send us a Twitter direct message @kevacoin, and we will be glad to share some coins with you.

Image by Stefan Glazer from Pixabay