Solo Mining

Kevacoin can be mined through CPU, AMD and Nvidia GPU. If you want to mine Kevacoin using CPU, it is highly recommended that your CPU supports AES-NI instrcution as the Cryptonight hash algorithm performs much faster using the instruction. Most modern Intel Core TM and AMD CPUs support the AES-NI instruction.


You need to run the following programs in order to do solo-mining:

  1. Kevacoin wallet.
  2. Keva-stratum solo-mining stratum.
  3. One of the miners (latest release of XMRig, XMRigCC etc.).

Setup and run Kevacoin wallet

Download the Kevacoin wallet from, choose the specific wallet for your platform. Alternatively, you can also build the wallet from the source ( When building from the source, make sure to use the current release tag.

Before running the wallet, add a file kevacoin.conf to the Kevacoin data directory with the following content:


Make sure to replace yourusername and yourpassword with your own user name and secure password.

The table below lists the Kevacoin data directory for different platforms.

OS Location
Linux ~/.kevacoin
Windows C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\Kevacoin
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/Kevacoin

Once the kevacoin.conf file is added, start the Kevacoin wallet:


Or the GUI application:


If you don't have a Kevacoin address yet, generate a new one:

kevacoin-cli getnewaddress


Kevacoin address always starts with a prefix 'V'.

Setup and run Keva-stratum

Download and build the keva-stratum from source code: If you are running on Windows, we provide a pre-built binary.

Keva-stratum requires a simple configuration file. Refer to the section Running Stratum on how to configure the file.

Start the stratum server:

./keva-stratum config.json

Run the miner

Monero miners (such as XMRig and XMRigCC) can be used to mine Kevacoin. If the miner configuration file, set the pool url to: (Replace 19332 with the rpcport value you specify in the Kevacoin configuration file kevacoin.conf).

The algo and coin fields in XMRig's config.json file should be null as keva-stratum will set the correct algorithm for the miner.

    "pools": [
            "algo": null,
            "coin": null,